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Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Tech Upgrades Draw in New Residents to Multi-Family Communities

Igor Krivoruchko is an authoritative voice in real estate, having acted as a residential partner and overseeing manager to many building projects in the industry. Here, he explains to readers how upgrades in technology can draw in residents to apartment communities and multi-family properties. For two decades, Igor Krivoruchko has been a major force in the real […]

Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Multi-Family Real Estate Has Reached an All-Time High

Real estate professional Igor Krivoruchko has been an integral part of development projects for decades and today is recognized as an expert on multi-family housing units. He helps readers understand below how the multi-family real estate market has skyrocketed in recent years to an all-time high.  Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate professional who’s overseen […]

Igor Krivoruchko Comments on the Fall Opening of the Millennium on LaSalle in Chicago, IL

Having worked on multi-family real estate projects for decades, Igor Krivoruchko has become an authoritative voice on residential development projects. Here, he shares details of the fall opening of the Millennium on LaSalle building in Chicago and how the apartment high-rise raises the bar for multi-family real estate across the country. Igor Krivoruchko serves as counsel to his […]

Igor Krivoruchko Shares 3 Sure Indicators Baby Boomers Should Downsize Their Homes

As one of the country’s leading voices in multi-family developments, Igor Krivoruchko has helped countless baby boomers downsize their homes while upgrading their lifestyle. He shares some of the most notable indicators that boomers should seek out multi-family housing options with readers below. Igor Krivoruchko specializes in developing multi-family units and is recognized as an industry […]

Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Better World Properties is an Industry Leader in Multi-Family Real Estate

Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate professional with decades of experience that have led him to become an expert on the subject of multi-family housing units. Below, he shares how Better World Properties, LLC is an industry leader in multi-family real estate and what elements other developers should model after their practices. A major voice in […]

Igor Krivoruchko

Igor Krivoruchko Helps Readers Understand Why Multi-family Real Estate is on the Upward Climb

Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate expert with decades of industry experience to his name, especially in apartment communities and other multi-family housing. Below, he helps readers understand how trends in multi-family real estate are rising and what’s driving the move from single-family units.  For over two decades, Igor Krivoruchko has been an instrumental component […]

Igor Krivoruchko Discusses the Tech Potentials of Current and Future Multi-Family Communities

As a residential partner, Igor Krivoruchko has worked in the real estate industry for two decades where he’s overseen projects focused on modern apartment communities and multi-family properties. Igor Krivoruchko has worked in real estate since 1999, but he took a more focused approach in 2004 when he centered his career on the development of multi-family properties (such […]